Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Youths, You better ask Yourself.

There comes a time - a time of reflection, inner assessment and self-consciousness, when one is unable to avoid the big question - what indeed do I want to be remembered for?
Unless you are the kind who has no priorities, goals, self-worth or just does not give a damn, the 'everyday life' orientation would sometimes take back seat for a 'legacy' drive. A legacy drive you would want on auto-cruise, in its own lane which expresses and advocates every interest of yours even long after you are gone.

This question would inevitably pop up at one stage or the other in life well thought of. At what stage it is courageously addressed varies differently with us all. The elderly, those who have knocked back a few years we see at church on Sundays (except of cause you attend Daystar), is evidence to fact that youthfulness is nothing but lust - temporary love. Capabilities always seem endless when in its prime but time is its antidote.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

I Sit & Wait.

Wow... 27th of November 2013. That’s the last time I posted a piece on here. Obviously, someone has been extremely lazy coming here. Or could it be I’m yet to be inspired on anything other than the usual inefficiency of this society to write about?

A lot has happened since 27th of November 2013. To mention a few, I welcomed a baby boy (who whenever is set eyes upon is said to be an exact replica of me...I be like....of cos....duh!) into my family in January, celebrated my wife’s birthday in March, and myself yesterday with friends and family. However, recently, I was somewhere and boy, did I get inspired to write!

It's a short one guys, please enjoy!

I sit and wait.

I siiiiiiiiit and waiiiiiiiiiiiit.

As I sit and wait, thoughts come across......mannerisms of dismay take display. Oh my country, oh my Nigeria...

With the heat lies an endless queue, an endless queue in a small room, clothed of navy suede blazers, russell & bromley sandals, coffee leather loafers, jimmy choo handbags and aphrodisiac colognes. A queue visible of a resilient but yet aggressive middle class, a handful of elites in society and an un-grouped many. We altogether waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

As this queue grumbles and its heat gathers momentum, I say to myself, I might be one of many un-selectable of a class to be grouped in this room. Or where would you place a five-digit pay check earner who has to be husband to a wife, father to his kids and still, guarantor for many? Yet, we altogether waiiiiiiiiiiit!

Some are left no choice but to stand, others fill the few seats using envelopes to fan themselves, pregnant women are given no preference; yet, we all decide to waiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

By the corner of the room are two broken down air-conditioners.. Three technicians stand over them, screwing and un-screwing, pacing and steering, trying to find solution to the heat. And then all of a sudden, without any form of warning, one technician pulls out a spray gun and flushes dirt out of the air-conditioner. The pressure gets russell & bromley sandals, navy suede blazers and jimmy choo handbags docking away to avoid getting wet.

The clerks offer no apologies. Guards at the door continue fiddling with their smartphones as they usher more people in and show no remorse............yet we all continue to waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

I sit and wonder, a few others like me shake heads and ponder......oh my country, oh my Nigeria. Suddenly, as I take out my blackberry to write, the name for which I came is called. I jump off to the counter.

Yet, they all still continue to waiiiiiiiiiiiit; wait without choice, without favourable response to complaints, without a choice to revolt, without no choice at all.

Why do they wait? They wait to pick up passports after applications to visit the United States of America.

They allllllllllllllllllllllllllll just continue to wait!!!!

Oh Nigeria, oh my country.

Jide Alara.

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Open Letter to Nigeria's Inspector General of Police.

Beneath is an open letter to Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar. I wonder if there's truth to this incident but i got the letter sent to me with a request asking me to post over my blog. As a concerned citizen, I'm just relaying information while i expect further clarification from the accused party. Would keep y'all up to date.
(That aside, y'all need to google images of Ms Braide ooo, the woman rocks that uniform hawwt!)

Our dear gallant and ever-dynamic Inspector General of Police,

We trust all is well with you and your wife, Zarha Bunu. We apologise for making this an open letter but it was borne out a bureaucratic inconvenience of your office. We wish to bring to your notice of the bizarre idiosyncrasy of Ms Ngozi Braide, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Lagos State command, and the unethical conduct of your officers in the state. Ngozi, a young woman saddled with the responsibility of the image of the Police institution in Lagos State is currently destroying the institution she's being heavily paid to defend with her youthful exuberance and arrogance.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Elegant Stallion II in Action.

Following my last article, there has been reponse. However, I was expecting it at LEAST to come from President Jonathan himself; bearing sensitivity of the matter, the open letter being directly addressed to him and how swift action would have shot up his rankings on dedicated 'responsibility' to his citizens both home or abroad. It might be that the House of Representatives (HOReps) Committee on Diaspora taking up the matter was ordered by him. So, forgive my ignorance if so however, nothing of the sort says so in the report. And i doubt it.

Mr Soriwei was in Abuja yesterday and told the committee headed by my elegant stallion II - Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, all that transpired in Cyprus. For detailed occurences, please read my previous post.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Wetin Abroad Dey Cost Us.

Oh boy, Naija people dey suffer o. I would love to know GEJ’s reaction following the open letter to him in the Punch two days ago (Pg 57). The inequity Nigerians face abroad was frankly expressed in Comrade Patrick Soriwei’s emotional letter. For those who didn’t catch the story, Comrade Patrick Soriwei is the father of Late Gabriel Soriwei, a young Nigerian student of Cyprus International University who died on September 7, 2013 following complications from a car accident in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. The car was allegedly driven by a drunk Turkish female. Turkish police claim the driver was not under the influence of alcohol and only lost control of the car. Following several inquiries, the police further claimed the alleged drunk driver was detained for three days and released as the case was being investigated. The unproductive leads and maltreatment Mr Soriwei suffered led him to write an open letter to President Jonathan; soliciting his intervention for justice. This open letter has motivated me to put down some words.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

It’s all About Us.

I just read a story about an acclaimed Kidnapper who threatened his state government over insubordination and crippled development on his community. In military regalia with an intimidating arsenal of weapons and charms, he and fellow gang members stroke a pose with clad faces surrounded by women and children from his community. In my view, the picture depicts the acceptance of an infamous underdog war lord.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Extended Version of OUE.

Hello Guys,

It's been a minute. Trust everyone's sharp and doing great. I recently had 'Our Unknown Enemy' published on the news and features section of  the popular blog site - - and the comments were hilarious.

I agree with almost everyone who dropped comments and I've decided to tone down my vocabulary henceforth. Lol.. ( One comment actually said - my head was going 'obiahgbon'- Lol).

I have decided to share the story also on here. See here -


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