Thursday, 19 April 2012

Aunty Ngozi and Oga Kim

These over-indulged talk of our Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Aunty Ngozi recently losing the World Bank Presidency to Oga Jim, an American global health expert, is far more sinister as an act to me than any cynic ranting. The dictatorial tradition of all World Bank Presidents being American and IMF Chiefs being European only re-metamorphosed itself, raping the World Bank "selection”; but the fact that the US can make its hypocrisy so glaring and yet still so intimidating win and leave formally not challenged is what baffles me.  Even though America has made it pronounced that leadership positions are not determined solely by merit but to a large extent by sectional politics, nothing on earth still proposes to challenge them. Or did I miss that it was Bank of America seeking a boss not the World Bank?

The US so intelligently, understands how to administer gullible facts and reasons for guilty pleasures when dealing with international politics, involved participants get easily carried away in anticipation of individual pseudo-orgasms. If only we (under-developed countries and african organizations) could also empower ourselves to understanding and developing sinister tactics contextual in strategy for self-justification, maybe our approach to governance could be divergent, intimidating and less likely infiltrated by such Western enablers.  

The US egotistically makes it admissible that World Bank appointments have factors that can guarantee self-adjudged selection and override merit. America has stated clearly through Oga Kim’s appointment that a process having a generally acceptable model to leadership positions or government appointments lacking biased or partisan consideration is flawed within itself.  Aunty Ngozi despite being merited by processes has Oga Kim who possesses ideal requirements that assures desired results- both for the World Bank and its homo-sectional interests, to bow to. Consequently, the latter’s factor seems to be all that matters. This strategy if critically examined can be found synonymous to numerous ways PDP has administered selection of government representatives. The similar theme is- “To us, No one can do jack!” This fashion of succeeding and selling self-justified leadership or dominion is now inevitable and seems to be unbridled in our contemporary world. So this is to say, if rightly understood and studied, structured and regularized, developing countries and African nations can illicitly present such notions in defense to whatever situation when picking leaders or ruling countries; and am sure as a result, Coup d etats’ can legally now have a globally accepted face- it’s so appalling in thought, its very sad.
Well, Oga Kim, during his flawed selection process, called for an inclusive development, such as investment in health and education, while agreeing to infrastructure, economic growth and public goods problems such as climate change. That has led to a backlash from some development economists who fear he will be more focused on palliative actions rather than promoting growth. So obviously, his first challenge will be to set a clear cut out vision for the institution. Oga Kim’s appointment was undoubtedly inevitable. It was merely a vice versa agreement of earlier plans made between the US and Europe. The US would almost certainly have withheld their support for Christene Lagarde’s appointment to the IMF if European nations had not agreed in advance to support whomever was Washington’s candidate for the World Bank. All western powers are just part of the hypocrisy they disapprove and challenge, which to me is nothing short of evil.

Jide Alara.

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