Thursday, 26 April 2012

"Ehpe" lo kan

The state of our nation can't be more saddening. From claimed lives to looted public funds, the figures are enough to motivate one turn suicidal. Where's the stage for hope of a less corrupt society if trillions of Naira can be coercively shoved into purses of just a minute number of individuals through such a Nationwide eyesore as the Fuel Subsidy Scam. Yet, major frontiers of our judiciary system claim handicapped and remain docile. Even with several facts think-tanks have brought to bear, most of our legal luminaries have turn on the bling bling eye instead of the prosecuting one. Petroleum bosses remain in office, fraudulent oil marketers still have licenses, we continuously buy PMS at N97 per litre. Oh Lord, nothing seems to change despite these endless stream of egoistic stealing and exploitation!

All seems normal despite the gory House of Representatives report that has exposed government representatives and their dastardly acts. More heartbreaking is the fact that that which has so far happened and groundbreaking still tends to favor these lootocrats! Public office holders who eventually turn gucci-capitalists after they leave office. A major platform by which we are kept aware of government's incompetence and porous systems is now converted to debris. Shambles! Blown away! Torn apart! In a strategy to hide their dirt and frivolous grafts, they have outsourced services to their department/ministry of evil doers (Boko Haram). To consistently harbor their greed and acts of genocide, they took on THISDAY offices. Its even more glaring that the nation's conventional enemy- Boko Haram, is now or at the expense of me not being shortsighted, forever been their ally.

All those responsible for me writing this aggrieved note and the lives of those killed in Kaduna and Abuja today shall never know peace. Their quantum generations also shall never know peace or joy. Amidst all the wealth they amass, they shall breathe, live and grow in a SWAMP of wealth. Peace shall be a distant never visiting lover in their lives and that of their generations to come. Posterity shall defame and prosecute them and their generations for sins they commit today. Any public office holder who makes Nigerians weep and suffer unnecessarily shall never know joy!

Jide Alara.

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