Monday, 30 April 2012

Isn't our environment dying? fuelled with "Ehpe" lo kan Part II

My sudden decision to bleed over my blackberry came as a result of my responsibility to enlighten local communities as regards our degrading environment situations and the defects it could have on communal development. However, whilst reading in build-up to this writing, I came across news of recent bombings again in Kano. Once more, bitterness takes over and the need to say something seems inevitable. So, this note would be divided into two hopefully concise parts because as usual, I prefer not to be a lengthy writer. The first stage would be of my initial set out theme but the second part- a continuing stream of curses from my last post on public office holders who stay clueless, docile and dormant as Nigerians continue to live in fear, doubt and poverty.

Our environmental situation seems to depreciate by the day. From Eti-Osa to Makoko, the rains seem to have chewed on the roads, drainage systems seem to have turned into waste disposal hobs and residents in localities seem to be invisibly comfortable or intentional unaware. There seems to be more pertinent issues in society to be worried about today but nevertheless, our responses to environment and climate change situations is also highly important. Just the other night, I travelled along roads highly plied in Eti-Osa and Yaba Local Governments and I can't exaggerate enough the decay to drainage systems I witnessed; I would rather allow pictures speak. Pardon the visibility, I took the photos at night so as not to draw much attention to myself.

So how do we resolve this? With residents having to create quasi drainages themselves to get into their homes to temporary dumps being made, how do we challenge ourselves and local representatives to be responsible to environment and climate change situations? What strategies can be used to foster and retain communal attention which in the long run would aid local community development? In efforts to be detailed, I would advice via a recommendation Community Conservation and Development Initiatives (CCDI) report I read and agreed with.

1. Local governments consistently need to partner with interested private bodies and enlighten their communities through workshops and seminars about climate change and environmental hazards. 

2. Local governments need to also facilitate enlightenment about these issues through the Ministry of Education and have them inculcated as subjects in primary and secondary school curricula.

3. Disaster management parastatals should be decentralized. Local councils should be allowed to build and facilitate community disaster management teams to reduce risk and minimize impacts of heavy rains or floods in communities.

4. With the support of LAWMA, waste management units should also be decentralized. This would make local governments have more communal effective waste management strategies.

5. Budgets that would support environmental preservation and climate change actions must be facilitated and promoted within local councils.

6. Local communities need to be more engaging in the implementation of road and drainage building and inspections. Also, formulation and approval of policies concerning such in Local councils must be rendered more public participatory and open by council representatives so as to support sustainable planning & ensure communal attention and safety.

These recommendations if cultivated and adhered to can help fix our environment, making it more safer, healthier and worthwhile to live in while we go about our daily business. The defects of our nonchalance or intentional negligence can be very costly. If not for us, future generations of which our children would be part of and paying huge prices.

As regards the latter part of this note, Bayero University in Kano was hit by bombings yesterday. The speculated casualty from the incident as of the time of this write up has claimed lives of one professor and fourteen students. In controlled rage I ask rhetorically, what involvement (bearing in mind I was in such similar vicinity years ago) could blowing up universities have to champion Boko Haram's motive? These insurgents debunk western education stupidly forgetting their financiers and negotiators all have Master and Phd Degrees and more hypocritical, from western universities. Has this pseudo cause they fight for built or even proposed Sharia driven varsities? Yet ignorantly, they go about blowing up the minuscule ones they opportuned to be blessed with. Are these sudden sporadic set of bombings supposed to divert Nigeria's attention from the "lootocracy" mode of governance we presently debating about due to House of Reps report over the fuel subsidy issue? Shame!

Nigeria's present Nirvana administration would never answer these questions because truly and in my view,, Boko Haram and most of their officers are partners. Both for the past one year have been perpetual evil doers. One fused with greed, the other senseless ethnic genocide.  Well, my aggrieved stance is this- In every war, there's meant to be a commanding officer, a General. Visibly, except to blind and passive Nigerians, our country is climaxing slowly to a full-blown war zone; where the fuck is our General????? We the hell is he who ought to be calling shots? We are now consecutively featured on global news networks with respect to deaths and casualties numbers, yet our bloody General can't give us concrete and calmed assurance that solutions aren't far off. Instead, the invisible General repeatedly keeps pronouncing Boko Haram is being blown out of proportion but we keep counting many being injured and loads being buried by the day.

For how long can we as a majority be kept docile also? Even dictators have a limit to which they would be shoved aside not to talk of a supposed democratic setting. The Federal Executive Council is another pack of parody think-tanks membered by luck earners and ethnic bigots. The National Security Adviser's office has been allocated over N32bn since the beginning of these attacks, our incapacitated General has approved N3.1bn to be spent everyday in securing the lives of Nigeria yet to me, hell seems a lot safer than Nigeria. In hell at least, the precise location you bloody going to get roasted is known, in Nigeria...every location is a damn threatening likelihood.

We do not have to wait for posterity to judge these political clowns. We have an enormous advantage in this generation with the power of social media and virtual communities.  If you sick and tired of this political disgust, create online communities, sign online petitions, debunk and chastise the injustice you see all around over the internet as much as you can. Cry foul and facilitate it to go viral. Share with formed alliances your ideas to means/manners/procedures with which we can get to start living in a true thorough democracy away from our present suicidal position. Read this and label it Treason, sure millions of other people like me are sick and tired of this incompetence. Any public office official looting our treasury or being Boko Haram cohorts would never die as a result of natural deaths. Their children's union or marriages would birth life long cancer patients and sickle cell carriers. Their household would always be on fire and diseases money can't cure would be a regular visitor. They shall at a point wish they had joy, peace, rest of mind and happiness over the billions they continue to steal. They would never know or celebrate greatness in their household from henceforth. I guess out of anger and frustrations have become a lengthy writer after all. Well, until cocks grow teeth, my curses won't relent on these sects of Nigeria's gluttonous, insatiable and covetous public representatives. God would soon see to their evil ways.

Jide Alara.

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  1. If prayers doesn't work then maybe "Ehpe" would, but I know that prayers is what our country needs.
    We need to act and not just seat behind our computers and lament and or create blogs or more awareness as to what are govt are doing or not doing. We know all these things, if not all but to a large extent we know the govt of nigeria is corrupt! And yes they will neva know peace but still we need to 'act' for the much needed change we seek. Act act act!!
    Nice writeup BTW.

    1. True. But by acting, what do you insinuate we do? Isn't facilitating more and more irritating awareness of this incompetent administration a catalyst for change? How do you think we should act cos if its sound, am soo interested.


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