Sunday, 15 April 2012

Onshore Murtala

Sooo today makes it four weeks; four weeks on in Lagos am still searching... Searching, interacting and creating formal and informal alliances to birth the implementation of evolving models/innovations I have for my heartthrob- Lagos. As i bleed over my blackberry, I wonder how long these solutions I ween would remain docile. I believe so much in its processes and target audience, belief itself has somewhat began to scare me due to failed implementation. As you read, three weeks to you might still seem short of a time or is meant to be pre-supposed challenges I need to overcome; but with the audience have been given and several times my hopes masturbated in support to implementation, its frustrating and saddening nothing has cum forth.

So what do I do? I am that which I seek...yes I know; but in the "system" of Nigeria, such beliefs can be threatened. Do i carry on to implement these models selfishly without the foreplay of its enablers? For the outcome I seek, its results cannot be free from inclusive processes; its flawed without internal participation. Everyone seems to praise and buy into these transformative ideas but to me rather bitterly, clearly portray how gullible and insensitive we all are to the solutions we seek. The holistic bottom-up participatory stance, determination and will needed to produce solutions contextual to our localities remain invisible despite our ever ranting hallelujahs. Eyes are so focused only on individual food shelves, wardrobes and household interiors as we impersonate change. 

So still, I refuse to engage in missionary styles to birth community development in my heartthrob's local councils. The idea of theories and practices looking so good on the outside but during intercourse is hands-off and would lack collective mutual enthusiasm needed to deliver levels of orientation in Value and Skill Creation I anticipate scares me. However, I realise my toasting skills from day one has been flawed. Am aware now I first have to get them willed for "engagement"; make them understand WHY their nonchalance would be costly and more disastrous before we can both find the path to developing our local councils.... Hopefully, then again, I won't discover another orientation predecessor.

Jide Alara.

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