Friday, 13 April 2012

#SM4CC (Social Media For Climate Change)

Its rather strange to note following several commitments and socio-political engagements for community development in Lagos State Local Councils, I have not for once signed up to ownership of a blog! Well, all is past tense as of this minute because i just did. It would be fair to say i had an inclusive interactive session today over at the City Hall in Ikoyi in respect of communal development through societal awareness for climate change targeted both at local council representatives and their publics facilitated by the Heinrich Boll Foundation (HBF) and Community Conservation and Development Initiative (CCDI), and this has spurred me on. The workshop acted as a springboard for me to host a blog or platform and talk about environmental hazards in our neighbourhoods- how they can hinder or if effectively handled, sustain monumental development for local councils in Lagos State. 

As a debut for my write-ups, i thought to reiterate my motivation and challenge you to understanding its only through such community participation and public engagement programs we can birth the transformation we seek needed for our local councils. May God give you and I the strength in knowledge and understanding to keep up with this civic responsibility..

Jide Alara.

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