Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Letter to my Crush- Ms. Arunma Oteh

The crisis between you, our Security and Exchange Commission's  (SEC) board of directors and some anarchists is beginning to get emotional for me due to my bias for you; but more engagingly, very interesting overall. Yesterday, I read a post by Reuters about how the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States could sue or pursue a case against finance institution giants- JPMorgan, due to JPMorgan’s failure to timely and adequately sensitize investors about its risk assessment measures and indicators. See link: ( After reading, i had a sarcastic smile on my face when the thought came to mind in context of my country. I said to myself- the reverse here is actually the case.

As our present SEC Director General (DG),(Arunma Oteh)  you are currently being chastised through an un-warranted compulsory leave or suspension. All because of your “purported” due process style in leadership. This to me is shameful and a complete opposite to that earlier mentioned between stock exchange regulators of America and JPMorgan. Here in Nigeria, for SEC to be have "autonomy" or enforce its duties as a regulator, unknown powers must regulate and enforce the regulator! There's no 'autonomy" in that. Well, am not new such debate about “the system” but am just so sad you are being drawn into this. Ironically also, i admire your doggedness as you continuously furthermore drown yourself deeper and deeper. My crush, you seem to have either so much guts or a very reliable political stronghold my friend, Olumide Osiyoye, once said you obviously depending on.

My omalicha nwa, have read you intend fighting back to override the decision of your compulsory leave by seeking President Jonathan’s (GEJ, the distraction strategist) intervention through a petition. Ohhhh my asannwa, again, I thought you would have known better. I know this definitely would not be your only ploy because if it is, you surely have failed! Would I be wrong to say GEJ is also a breed of the offspring after you? They all in on it together or more so, control the GEJ you seeking help from. Secondly my asannwa, it would have been hopeful and wise if you had not verbally accused or challenged the competence of any of your predecessors. Through the spontaneous advantage of virtual communities, I have sought counsel and understood reasonably the principle adopted by reputable past public officers who never challenged the competence of or engaged in verbatim battles with their predecessors. It often ends ugly. In due time, through your newly created structures and well reformed or oriented policies, all past incompetence which irritated you by your better delivered results would be said loud and clear and felt even more intimidating.

Now my nwanyi oma, not only are you trying to win fights with a racketeering cabal at the House of Representatives and some greedy nihilistic members on your board of directors, you are also coiled up and shrugging shoulders with Former Director-General of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Ndi Okereke-Onyuike. Aren’t all these powers too much for you? Ohhhh, my ever vain and image-conscious akwanwa, with all these happening, how and when would have the time to cutely stroke your Persian/Indian weave and sustain my ever consistent crush on you? You seem to be caught up in too much; how would you accelerate my crush my omalicha? I don't want it to die. I want to continue seeing you on television but for the right reasons. Ohhhhh, isn’t all these too much for you? All the talk and accusation of Ndi Okereke-Onyuike buying Rolex wristwatches and sharing money with members of the stock exchange council should be left for anti-graft agencies to deal with. If you knew and had proof of this all the while, why hold back but speak now? Where you keeping such information only for your arsenal? Shouldn’t corruption at all levels be exposed to the general public and anti-graft agencies informed if you truly at heart had equity and fairness to public processes? This accusation on Ndi Onyuike contradicts your ethical values my nwanyi oma. It shows you are to an extent as regards adequate due process quite sectional. 

My omalicha, you mustn’t pursue corruption single-handedly at this juncture you are now in; especially under the present circumstance of this  administration which further arms the corrupt. If you indeed intend to uphold your "proposed" ethics and moral values, you have to do away with your self-inflicted contradictions. Associate with strong opposition and facilitate a revolution by exemplary sacrificial intentions. If not, at the end, you might be shoved to the side...the end might have just begun. My adamma, beautiful are you to me in sight, don’t make it blurry. Think and do what’s right. Don’t be one leg in and one leg out; don't have yourself hung on a fence unknowingly, choose a side. Unless of cause you can stand as strong as England who are with the European Union but also not with them.

Your ever steadfast crush,

Jide Alara.

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  1. Quite Hilarious... Lol. Am still laughing, am sure you are an irresistable charmer. Only if that woman knew whats best for her and be humble. Gra gra no go do am, she just start. My igbo people would love this.

  2. Haha...Dragg U put a smile on my face, Lengthy but comprehensive.

  3. Thanks bro...I realise now i talk too much indeed.


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