Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Our Wedding - April 23rd, 25th & 27th April, 2013 (Series 1).

Hi Guys.

Very sure you all doing well. Our country, as every other nation, has met continous challenge over the past years in the area of security. Though it might seem safe down here in the South- West compared to consistent attacks in the North,  truth be told - Nigeria's security challenges persist unabated. Recently, the Emergency Rule declared in Yobe, Adamawa and Nassarawa states seem to have toned things down a bit.  However, unconfirmed reports believe this has given harzardous haven for insurgents to dwell in deeper sectional violent countries/territories in Northern Africa which fenvironment furthermore radicalizes insurgents. I have been thinking lately, what does it really take for a society to be safe & secure? Is there a country or territory where one's livelihood is safe and totally guaranteed? This is a topic i hope to discuss soon.

Following my last post on here, i decided to share photos from our Registry Signing, Engagement Ceremony, Church Wedding and Reception. I would be sharing these pictures in three or four series due to its volume. For now, it's Series 1 & 2. Pictures beneath has Series 1 and would followed above with Series 2. We had a swell time!!! Heart-felt thank you goes to God Almighty, who made the wedding week so joyful and beautiful,our parents who supported us extra-ordinarily, family and friends from overseas who came home just for us and  friends who were all around us at all times; also, well wishers far and near. Your prayers, support and love we really appreciate; thank you so much.

 Enjoy the photos guys.




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