Monday, 2 September 2013

And they are addressed Excellencies'....

For real. They are in no way Excellencies’.  
Last week, I read reports and watched clips of the Governor of Taraba State, Suntai Danbaba, has he arrived back into the country after having received treatment in the United States following his fatal helicopter crash over a year ago.

To receive him were friends of Taraba State, public officers, journalists and several PDP chieftains including Prof. Jerry Gana, Former Minister of Information. Governor Suntai’s fragile and clearly unstable situation gave much doubt about his ability to govern.
The conspiracy behind his return was made clearer when no sooner after his return, a staged swearing-in of new cabinet officers was held in Taraba state which is now causing tensions and unrest in the state. During the swearing-in and his 25 seconds speech, Suntai is seated all through, looking robotic functioned and pale. His responsive gestures to handshakes and pleasantries are carried out in a struggle and his monotone speech is very inaudible.

Something disturbing is the role of Former Minister of Information, Prof Jerry Gana in all of this, someone I had long perceived to be of repute integrity.
 While speaking to journalists, Gana had stressed and argued Suntai's frail position and decision not to address journalists emanated from the sufferings from jet lag due to the long flight from the United States. Mr. Jerry Gana was bold enough to sell Nigeria and Nigerians in their whole entirety and alertness such a baseless reason. He in no sense, showed worried about Suntai’s untimely return or the level at which his own integrity would be questioned via his supporting role to Suntai governing Taraba state. As I watched Jerry speak, I tried to find reason why Nigerians continuously allow covetous men and women occupy public positions and then, retain the ever complainary status quo.

How long this country would be led by un-honourable men and women really depends on the fight few noble men amongst us can give. It is clear Suntai cannot carry out Governor duties in his present situation yet, the infesting craze of power and excessive greed has driven his comrades, allies and family to ignore his health conditions; making it more vulnerable to his recuperating process suffer a relapse. I am no doctor but clearly, Gov. Danbaba has shown remarkable signs of recupuration, especially from one who survived a plane crash. It is evil compelling him back into office in a hurry for any form of personal gratification.

Taraba's house of Assembly has voted against Suntai's resumption of office. 16 out of its 24 members insists the Deputy Governor, Garba Umar remains acting governor until Suntai is fully fit. Already there are two factions of governance presently in Taraba state. One loyal to the Acting Governor and the other to Danbaba (or rather his cabal). Who is capable to govern the state right now is clear, cut and simple. Danbaba is obviously in no way able to govern.

 Prof. Jerry Gana and other cohorts who fed up such lies and promoted the return on an incapable public officer all for personal interest should be addressed and summoned to answer their sinister acts.  PDP chairman, Bamanga Tukur seems not very disturbed about the matter or what image the uprising has on his party. Instead, he is going around making statements of a 'proxy' would be put in place to resists the government.

The situation in Taraba state shows overview to the level of integrity public office holders have in Nigeria. Until Nigerian citizens at some point engage raising the bar on the caliber of our leaders, we would keep giving audience to such sore situations. Accomplished individuals in the areas of family and business need to participate more in politics and contest for public offices. Evil only thrives when good men do nothing. They need to join or form pressure groups and political parties, hold public discussions on engaging platforms and render experiences and solutions that would challenge and face out the rot in public service. Gov. Danbaba’s return is clearly an initiated move to cling on to power. A move put in play by a group of chalartans not there to serve the people of Taraba state. A group of un-honorable individuals poised to continue controlling the resources of Taraba state. This incident further shows the position of our public service. It has mostly shown that it is not public at all but personal service. Personal service influenced by politics which has no sincere form of service delivery butthe acquisition of legal access to public resources.

Jide Alara
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