Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Youths, You better ask Yourself.

There comes a time - a time of reflection, inner assessment and self-consciousness, when one is unable to avoid the big question - what indeed do I want to be remembered for?
Unless you are the kind who has no priorities, goals, self-worth or just does not give a damn, the 'everyday life' orientation would sometimes take back seat for a 'legacy' drive. A legacy drive you would want on auto-cruise, in its own lane which expresses and advocates every interest of yours even long after you are gone.

This question would inevitably pop up at one stage or the other in life well thought of. At what stage it is courageously addressed varies differently with us all. The elderly, those who have knocked back a few years we see at church on Sundays (except of cause you attend Daystar), is evidence to fact that youthfulness is nothing but lust - temporary love. Capabilities always seem endless when in its prime but time is its antidote.

In my opinion, the first step to repel the mockery time coughs out on youthfulness is to carry out the self assessment described in the first paragraph of this letter, essay, epistle or whatever you deem this to be, when you still 'youthful'. Do not be afraid to question reasons for your existence. As humans we all have at least one. Second, is the journey of working towards finding answers to your assessment; pushing closer everyday to achieving its meaning. Last, is arrriving at a destination of having everyone who ever came in contact with you advocate your answers and the philosophy behind them; even long after you gone.

I’ve always maintained that success (which of cause is relative), makes a man notable. However for the woman, (contemporary pundits and feminists may disagree) the days of her youth guarantees how notable and acceptable she would be in society. Before I go further, I deem it is necessary to state that in no way do I plan to create a stigma on the male or female gender. These observations are purely my opinion and noone needs to hold them as facts. Reasoning along is all i ask for.

For the woman, the days of her youth are the days her ‘essence’ become exposed. Her potentials are sought after during these days and widely accepted as the days she ought to ‘influence' the man who is meant to be responsible for her. Rather ironical is the fact that the man can 'woo' the woman he would be responsible for at any stage of his life, despite his age; as long as his success (which is relative) is in great shape. To a large extent, i believe this is not the same for the woman. Even though i'm an enemy of convention, it would be senseless for me to uphold that another time would be
more suited for a woman to 'influence' a life partner than the days of her youth. However, immorality is now accepted largely in society to be contemporary beliefs. So to some readers right now, I’m nothing short of a traditional goof! - enjoy your ignorance.

Man or woman, as long as you a youth, as long as you have self-worth and priorities, detest passing through life without leaving some impact. Yes, i know our country is highly unstable right now, but it gives no valid reason why we can't create something exceptional. The best things always come out of uncomfortable circumstances. This sought of period is an ideal ingredient to delivering the best in terms of innovation. Ask yourself questions. Reprise daily occurrence. Do something exceptional, do something abnormal!

Seek more meaning to why you here and when you find out why, work constantly all your life to achieving that reason in different forms. If done right, surely, your tale and legacy would be set right. Even after you gone, many would claim you still live on.

Jide Alara.

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P.s Ohh sugar!!...forgot to mention i got a new trade guys and was willing to share here. Somehow, it first began as a hobby but then i found out it was a damn expensive hobby! Yet, i kept being offered good feasible deals but was getting drained financially out of my urge of not being able to resist. So i thought well for consulation in resisting the urge, i'l probably just purchase for trade. And if no one buys, not my fault, what the hell, i had intention to trade but i just own and keep them anyway... lol..anyway, i'l post a couple of photos soon. I'm addicted already and got over 23 pieces - i know, too damn an expensive hobby!


  1. As promised...sharing some photos and discussions of newly found hobby. Lets all share and discuss. Join in pls -

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